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3G router
Fixed SIM Card
3G Building Site IP Camerapre term cable3G router for Construction site camera

3G Building Site HD Network Time Lapse System, Pre Built, Mains Power Required

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HD 1080P Superior Quality, High Performance 3G Building Site Time Lapse Camera System. Pre built and pre configured for on-site fast deployment. Captures Crisp 1080P HD Images over a set schedule. Log in and view the construction progress and monitor, from any remote internet enabled machine.

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Product Description

Pre hardware and software built, designed for customers who don’t have a network camera installer on site. A high end solution that allows you to capture, send and store your HD Images. Your job: Plug the Cabinet into a mains, position and mount the camera, plug the supplied outdoor Ethernet Cable into the Camera and run it back to the cabinet.

At the end of the Construction project, you would need to create your own movie, there are apps you can find online that will assist. Just drop your images in and your movie will be created.

Cutting Edge Technology

The 1080p Time Lapse camera automatically adjusts and responds to lighting conditions. Your construction site image will always be perfect. The camera features powerful Zipstream compression, Wide Dynamic Range and Forensic Capture through a DC-iris varifocal lens.

  • You own the System, use on other Projects
  • HD IP Time Lapsing & Remote HD Jobsite Monitoring
  • Multiple Users with their own log in details & admin rights
  • True day/night with IR cut filter + Active tampering alarm
  • HD Time Lapse Lens: Wide Angle 3-10.5 mm, 91~32° horizontal
  • Max resolution – Full 1080pHD @1920 x 1080
  • Cost effective yet high quality – Systems built around Leading HD Network Cameras
  • Remotely monitor from any internet enabled machine
  • Just Plug the Supplied Cabinet into a Mains and off you go !

Our Pre Build Service Saves you Time & Hassle

From our workshop, we pre configure the HD Camera and complete all the configuration settings. This includes:

  • Setting up the 3G router and completing all its Config Parameters
  • Set up port forwarding on the 3G router, so you can view the camera remotely
  • Mount and secure the 3G router (included) and a POE Switch (included) in the small Networking Cabinet (included)
  • Pre terminate and test an outdoor cat5e Ethernet cable, connect it to the camera and router
  • Help set up a remote server, somewhere to store your HD images, for example a Dropbox folder
  • Set up the schedule on your Camera (how often you want to capture images)
  • Set up the Events on your Camera (Sending the images to the remote server)

What we need from you ?

You would need to buy your FIXED IP SIM Card. We can supply you with costs and how to do so. Let us know the distance from the camera to where the cabinet will be. This is for the included pre terminated outdoor cat5e cable.

Please allow 3-5 days for build time. This would also be dependant on how quick you purchase your fixed SIM card, which would need to ship direct to us, to start the build

Ongoing costs:

  • Server Space for storing your images: Typically> £5 per month
  • Fixed SIM Deal to use the 3G Network: Typically> £25 per month

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