3g Outdoor Time Lapse HD IP Camera – 1080P

image of 3g Outdoor Time Lapse Camera

3g Outdoor Time Lapse HD IP Camera – 1080P

iTime lapse systems build and supply a small, compact and powerful range of 3G Time Lapse Camera Systems. Actually, we build a range of HD Time Lapse systems and the 3G element, is a System Add-on and Upgrade. We use High End and branded HD Imagery manufacturers. Sony is the most popular system we provide. Although, this is just one of several HD cameras we use.

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Our range covers 3 easy to install devices. The selection gives you flexibility to choose your own resolution of camera. We build 720P, 1080P and 5MP solutions. A 3G Time lapse camera is used when there is no fixed land-line or broadband available on site.

This system upgrade, is a useful option for installers and End users. Many new build project sites have no Internet connection or Ethernet port available. With 3G, you can quickly create the Ethernet port you require. Ethernet (IP) gives you the protocol and architecture needed to view the 3G HD Time Lapse Camera remotely.

In this post, we are going to explain how the system goes together. We are also going to discuss the best features of the Construction site camera.

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3G Time Lapse Camera: Top 5 Features

Below, we will look closely at the top 5 features of the Outdoor ready 3G Time lapse Camera.

  1. Full 1080P HD for Superior Time Lapse Image quality
  2. Remote Monitoring Ready
  3. 3G Ready
  4. Remote Easy Focus
  5. POE enabled

1080P Time Lapse Imagery

The Camera systems we provide, give you the tools to collect your construction site images. At the end of your project, the Outdoor 3G Time Lapse camera would of helped collect 1000’s of HD images.

Then you have your album, ready to build your own HD movie. There are turnkey solutions available to buy. These cost anything from £2000 – £3500, usually the provider will also make the movie for you. We find our customers enjoy and prefer the flexibility of making their own Time lapse movie. With apps available today, you can find an editing suite or maybe someone in your I.T department can assist.

Making your own movie helps keep costs down, compared to £3500, our systems start at £429. The camera is yours to keep, so you can use it on other and future projects. When making a movie, it’s best to use 1080P. This is the maximum or screens can view anyway. We have seen 8 Megapixel Time lapse solutions available for around £4000. This is twice the resolution of 1080P. Our screens can not view anything bigger than 1080p. So a 8MP solution, is a little overkill.

So, when is our 720P HD IP Time lapse camera used ? If your budget was tight and you did not need to showcase on a large scale, then our 720p solution may suffice. Our 5MP Time lapse camera offers a slightly larger resolution than 1080p. This is deployed when you want some flexibility with image cropping.

Remote Monitoring

If you deployed this system to say a NAS drive on-site. You could still collect your HD Images. However, you would need to visit the site to collect them. Also, you are loosing the best feature of our devices: The ability to view your construction site project remotely.

This is where the Internet comes in. This is why we use a 3G router, for construction sites where no broadband is available. It could be quite expensive to install a fixed landline with BT. So the 3G router creates the network port we need. Once connected to a network port (Ethernet/IP) we can then view the camera remotely.

This is achieved through the camera’s IP address, as shown in the image(s) below.

Outdoor Time lapse on 3G image

You can also set multiple users up. Each remote user would have their own log-in credentials.


3G Ready

All 3 x Camera Systems are 3G ready. Some suppliers have spent years building this solution within the camera. This build time and integrated technology puts the price up to several thousand pounds. We provide you with the 3G High Speed Router as a system add-on. Its down to you or the installer to configure this. The great news is, it’s all really straight forward.

Don’t forget, with a 3G solution and a network based Video camera, you need a Fixed SIM card with a static IP address. Please see this page we have built: 3G Installation Tips and Advice.

Remote Easy Focus

So, first lets look at a camera that doesn’t have this smart remote feature. Normally you would have a Varifocal Lens on the camera. You would have one engineer up a ladder, at the camera location. You would then have a 2nd engineer checking the field of view, this would be done on his/her laptop.

Our Outdoor 3G Time Lapse Camera, features a remote focus. From just one click of a button, the camera will optimize its lens, to give the best image/view possible.

POE enabled with an Optional POE Housing Unit

The Network HD Time lapse camera is PoE enabled. There is no alternative mains power input. You have to connect the camera to a router (3G or LAN) with a data cable (cat5e or cat6). It makes perfect sense to power the camera, with the same cable used for connectivity.

For a 3G solution, you need to daisy chain a 1 port PoE injector to the 3G Router. The 3G router is not a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) switch. So, we need to create one. This image below shows you how a typical 3G solution would be wired.

outdoor time lapse 3g blog image

* You will see on each product page, an option for a High Powered PoE Housing Unit. Swap your standard PoE Injector for a PoE+ Model. Then you can power the Heater unit (within the housing) with the same single cat5e Ethernet cable.

3g Recap: All of our 3 x HD IP Time Lapse Camera Systems are 3G ready. If you’r construction site does not have broadband. You can upgrade to add one, this will help you create a network point.

A network point is needed to view the camera remotely. A network point is also needed to power the camera, through Power Over Ethernet.

This is not a solar powered device, therefore your still need to power your system parts.

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