We love 3g Time Lapse Camera Systems

3g time lapse camera

We love 3g Time Lapse Camera Systems

The primary use for HD IP Time Lapse Camera Systems is construction site projects. Applications that require HD Time Lapse Movie creation with the ability to monitor and view the project remotely.

Every 3g Time Lapse Camera Systems we provide will allow a specific number of users for remote viewing. With the Panasonic 720p IP Time Lapse Camera you can set up 14 remote users. The Sony IP Time Lapse Camera will allow a maximum of 5.

To be able to view the Camera away from the construction site, the IP (Ethernet) based Time Lapse Camera needs a network point with an Internet connection. Most installers will try and find a Local Area Network (LAN) to utilize. For example, if a School or University was constructing a new building, you could connect the HD IP Time Lapse Camera to the LAN and make use of the available Physcial Network. Now the camera will be IP addressed onto the networking infrastructure with the ability to be monitored remotely.

A Proven Solution

The 3g aspect of the 3g Time Lapse camera system, is quite simply a System add on. It’s a standard HD Time Lapse IP Camera with a customized 3g router. The High Speed 3g router we supply has been tested and deployed into multiple Time lapse projects throughout the UK. A proven solution which will help you rapidly deploy an Ethernet connection where a fixed land-line is not available.

NO need to buy a dongle

Using the 3g cellular network requires a SIM card and a small monthly SIM deal. The 3g router we provide with our system does not require a 3g dongle. A dongle is usually used to insert your 3g SIM card into, however, with our router you insert the SIM card directly in. A standard SIM card will NOT work with your 3g Time Lapse Camera. You need a fixed SIM package, the reason for this is that an IP camera requires a fixed IP address for operation.


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^ No need for one of these


We have helped provide 100’s of Fixed SIM cards for 3g Time Lapse, if you need some help and costs and data used, please phone or email our friendly team. What we don’t know about IP based Time Lapse is not worth knowing.

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