3G Time Lapse Installation Hints and Tips

The main difference between a 3G installation and a standard network (LAN/Switch) available installation, is how we power our devices.

The Housing Heater/Demister Unit needs: A 12/24V or 240V mains supply. This would require an electrician on site, running a power cable to the housing unit and terminal block.

OR – You can upgrade to a PoE+ (High Power Over Ethernet) Housing unit. The Single cat5e Cable you use to power & connect the Camera, will now also power the Heater & Demister.

** This adds around £200 on hardware upgrade (PoE+ Housing Unit & PoE+ Injector). However, the PoE+ Housing removes the need for an electrician and separate power supply cabling. To upgrade or not is down to your own specific project. 

3G Accessories need Housing & Powering

Our HD Time Lapse systems are pre-hardware built. We DOA (Dead On Arrival) test all cameras and hardware. They ship as an enclosed solution within an IP67 rated housing. You just need to attach the cable managed arm to a pole mount adapter or wall.

With 3G, you need to PoE the camera to the 3G router. The 3G router is NOT a PoE Injector/Switch. Therefore, you would need to daisy chain a PoE Injector to the 3G router. Both accessories need a power supply.

The below image shows the 2 accessories you will need. One creates an Ethernet port, the other Powers the HD Camera. Both accessories are “System Add-ons”, you will need to consider where and how you house them. You may have a cabinet on-site you can utilize. Alternatively, some kind of external rated weather box will suffice.

3g construction site camera


* Note the Router does NOT have to be directly next to the camera. The Router is creating your Network Point. You can then run your typical 90 – 100 Mtrs (on cat5e/cat6). You could even use LAN extenders. A PoE & LAN Extender connects the Camera and Router from up to a 1KM distance.

What Installation Experience Will You Need ?

  • Electrical, providing mains power to the Housings Heater (if not upgrading to the PoE+ Housing Unit)
  • I.T & Network knowledge, for the set up of the Network HD Camera & File Sharing (sending images)

You need a Fixed SIM card

This network solution requires a Fixed SIM card. It provides a static public IP address to enable simple and reliable remote access to the 3G router and HD Video camera.

We can put you in contact with a partner who provides Fixed SIM cards. Order processing and support comes direct from them.

Fixed SIM providers

  • EE
  • Vodafone
  • 3 Mobile
  • 02

Example bundle – 1 GB Inclusive Data – £21.25 per month rental – Like all our technology, the Fixed SIM cards are tried and tested. They are designed to work with the 3G solutions we provide.

How much Data will I use ?

A 1080P HD Image file is around 350KB – Lets say the camera was taking snapshots for daylight hours (10 hours a day). Lets say the camera was set to take an image every 10 minutes. So, 6 x per hour x 10 hours a day = 60 x HD 1080p images collected each day.

For the purpose of calculations, lets say the camera was operational 30 days per month (although building works don’t often continue 7 days a week). Each month you would have 1800 images (60 per day x 30 days).

1800 x 350KB (image file size) = 630MB – Roughly, around 3/4’s usage of a monthly 1GB allowance bundle.

* Not all cameras record for as long as 10 hours, not all operate for 30 continuous days. You may also opt to take a snapshot every 20 minutes The camera may also operate for just 20 days per month etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us

*All Time Lapse Systems take 2-3 days build time – Then ship next day with UPS. Please allow for this in your scheduling.

Don’t forget to check your 3G availability in your area. Click the image below:

3g time lapse coverage checker