Outdoor 3g Construction Site Time Lapse IP Camera

3g Construction Site Camera

Outdoor 3g Construction Site Time Lapse IP Camera

The Outdoor 3g Construction site camera is one of our best sellers. The only reason its not our best seller is because the majority of Time Lapse projects, we sell into, already have the internet available.

In this post we are going to look at the two main features of the 3g Construction Site Time Lapse IP camera. The 2 main features are:

  • Remote Viewing
  • Time Lapsing

The number one feature of using 3g: Is the ability to be able to log in a check out your construction project where ever you are in the world. When you integrate the construction camera to a network point, with internet connectivity, such as 3g, you can remotely monitor. The first thing to do, before looking to deploy a construction site camera system, is check you can get 3g coverage in your area.

EE have this handy tool for seeing if you can get 3G and 4G in your area – Have a look here (external web-page).

The 2nd most popular feature we are going to look at is Time Lapsing. So, two products in one really !  – A Security Camera with remote viewing. One that you can log into from anywhere, then check the construction site. Also a HD IP Time Lapse camera, that assists with the creation of HD Time Lapse movies.

Outdoor 3g Construction site camera

3g Construction Site Camera: Remote viewing

The construction site camera operates over Internet Protocol. When you are using your mobile phone at home, you are using the IP network. When surfing the net at home, your mobile will connect to your home router.

Our Time lapse system require the same technology to work. You need to connect it to a switch or router. However, if you are looking at 3G, then possibly your construction site has no land line or internet connection.

Once your camera is connected to the supplied 3g router, you have it connected to a network. This now gives you the ability to log in and monitor your construction site where ever you are in the world.

We build our camera system with Sony and Panasonic technology.

The Set Up: You would need a local power supply for your 3G router and you would need a power supply for your POE injector. The 3g Construction Site Camera is POE-enabled. This allows you to power the camera with the network cable you use for its connection (to the 3g router).

image og the 3g Construction Site Camera

The above image shows the Cameras User Interface, you can quickly add and remove Recipients. A Recipient is a “remote user”. Someone who will have his or her own log in details and be able to view the camera remotely.

View Remotely through its IP address

Each camera we provide has its own IP address. Any device that connects to the network has its own IP address. Going back to the home router example, when your mobile phone is connected to your wireless router, it will have its own IP address.

lets say you are at home on a Tuesday morning, the construction site is 30 miles away and its still quite cold. You could open your laptop, type in the construction site cameras IP address. You type this into any web-browser. Then enter your username and password. You now have a live view of the construction site. The live view is also in crystal clear HD video. You can see our best selling Construction Site HD Camera System here.

 Construction Site HD Camera System

  • The above image shows you how you would view the camera remotely

3G Construction Site Camera: Time Lapsing

So, you have the system set up and connected to your 3G router. You can log in and view from anywhere in the world. Now, what about creating a HD Time Lapse movie of the new build ?

We provide three simple, compact and powerful solutions. We build our systems around Sony, Panasonic and JVC. The Time Lapsing software provided is centred around FTP. File Transfer Protocol instructs your camera to take a snapshot image. Then send it to a remote server. You can use a FREE FTP client like Filezilla.

There is no great technical set up to this, sending images to a “remote server” is not as demanding as it sounds. The remote server, could be your PC.

The time lapse ip camera has a built in ftp client

  • The above shows you how the HD images would look in your FTP Folder. The FTP Folder would be set up on your PC or in the Cloud. The 3G HD IP based Time Lapse Camera would take and send the images periodically. You can set the camera to send images every 10 minutes.

We don’t offer or charge for a full turnkey solution. Our systems are less than half the price of others. We provide you with a pre assembled HD camera system. It needs a Ethernet cable connection. A fast and easy installation. You can set the camera to capture and store your images.

We leave the Time Lapse movie creation to you. As the years pass and technology advances, this becomes more and more easier. You could find an app on line or drop your images into a editing suite.

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