1080p hd time lapse ip camera, edge storage, no server required

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EDGE solution, NO external Server/PC/Cloud/Network is required. The 1080p HD Time Lapse IP camera is Pre hardware-assembled. The Lens fitted to the camera, the camera is housed in the IP67 housing. Optimum positioning of the camera is achieved so a perfect HD Time Lapse Image is captures. This ensures the right field of view. POE enabled for fast deployment. Digital PTZ and tamper alerts.

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Product Description

1080p hd time lapse ip camera

This is a 1080p HD time lapse IP camera system with EDGE storage. Its used for Construction site projects, new builds and for remote viewing. As the HD time lapse IP camera is network based, you can log in and view the camera remotely. You do this by typing its IP address into a web-browser. The HD Time Lapse Camera also features a PTZ function, this is used for panning around the site and zooming in. PTZ, obviously can only be used when the camera is not taking HD snap shots for Time Lapse Movie creation. It also features an anti tampering alarm and will alert you by email if anyone is trying to damage the camera.


Here at HD IP Time Lapse Systems you will find a small compact product set and offering, of pre-built, pre hardware assembled Time Lapse solutions. The powerful range covers 720p, 1080p and 5 Megapixel Wide Angle Lens. You have wall mount and pole mount options. For connectivity all IP Time lapse camera system are POE-enabled. For construction site projects where no fixed land line is available, you can deploy a 3g time lapse system. This range falls within our EDGE category.


Features of the 1080p hd time lapse ip camera

  • HD Time Lapse ready
  • FTP-enabled
  • POE-enabled (needs just one cat5e cable)
  • Pre-assembed for fast on site installation
  • Digital PTZ
  • Remote viewing
  • Active tampering alarm
  • Built in IR for 24/7 monitoring
  • Time Lapse view: varifocal 3–10.5 mm: 95°-34°
  • Remote, focus/zoom


The standard set up of a HD time lapse IP camera would include the use of FTP. File Transfer Protocol is a way to send HD Time Lapse images form the IP camera to a server. This does not have to be a an expensive specialist server. Your PC or home computer is a server and with enough storage, would be sufficient to store your images. You could also use a cloud-based solution.


For this EDGE solution, you would send the images to a SD card that is stored within the camera. This means you do not need an external server This is also an excellent choice for larger organizations who may not want this hardware on their IT infrastructure.