1080P HD IP Time Lapse Camera + Pre Built + Remote Viewing + Cat5e + POE @1920 x 1080

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Pre Built HD IP Time Lapse Camera System with remote viewing. Through its IP address you can log in and monitor on any Internet enabled machine. Our systems are built using award winning Sony Technology. The system offers a HD 1080P resolution of 1920 x 1080. This gives you crystal clear video footage for remote monitoring and HD Time Lapse Movie creation. Primarily designed for applications where an Ethernet connection is available on site. Can also be deployed in remote locations where no Internet connection is available (3g/wireless as an accessorie)  SELECTION OPTIONS: Are based around the power supply required for the housings units heater system and if you require 3G or wireless. Read on !

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The 1080p IP time lapse camera system is deployed at construction sites. The pre-hardware built solution is perfect for remote monitoring. The system gives you the flexibility to periodically send HD JPEG images to your remote server.  The protocol used for operation is IP (Internet Protocol). Your HD IP camera is rapidly connected to a network point. If a LAN (Local Area Network) is not available, you can quickly establish one with either 3G or Wi-Fi.  Now you can view and monitor the construction site remotely from anywhere.

Pre Built needing just Cat5e + POE

The 1080p IP time lapse camera system is pre-hardware built in our Manchester warehouse. Dead On Arrival (DOA) testing is carried out on the IP Video camera. This ensures no nasty surprises are realised once on site. The HD wide angle lens is fitted to the IP Video Camera and then securely mounted within the housing unit. We fix the camera at the optimum position for time lapse creation. The cable managed wall arm bracket of the housing unit is attached. Once at the construction site, the HD IP Time Lapse camera needs mounting to a wall (or pole-with a Pole mount adaptor). Next, run a cat5e cable with POE connectivity and the hardware installation is now complete.

Send HD Images to a Remote Server

Enter the 1080p ip time lapse cameras IP address into a web-browser/page. From here you configure the settings. The main configuration is simply entering your FTP server details. File Transfer Protocol is used to instruct the camera to periodically take a snapshot. For example, take a picture every 10 or 20 minutes. Other supplier/solutions are available that charge for this service. We encourage you to take ownership. We give you all the technology and advice to easily achieve this, without paying over the odds. You could even use your PC as a server to collect your images. This doesn’t need dressing up, its free to do so. Need advice on FTP + Set Up ? Engage with us 🙂

  • Pre-Built for fast set up > Periodically Captures 1080P HD Images > Remote view from anywhere
  • Varifocal P-iris lens + True day/night with IR cut filter + Active tampering alarm
  • Max resolution – Full 1080pHD @1920 x 1080
  • Lens 3–10.5 mm: 95°-34° HD time lapse view
  • Needs just POE and Cat5e
  • 3G + Wireless as a system add on – for remote sites with NO network connection
  • 1080P HD IP Time Lapse Creation
  • Sends HD Images to a remote server
  • Cost effective yet high quality – systems built around Axis, JVC, Sony + Panasonic
  • Powerful Solution with remote viewing
  • IP addressed onto the network – Log in and view through its IP address
  • Remotely monitor from any internet enabled machine
  • Multiple users with their own log in credentials
  • Choice of housing units/select at top – Including HI-POE – POE>Camera+Heater

HOUSING OPTIONS: The majority of camera housing units being installed today will use a separate electrical (12V/240V) power/cabling supply. However, we now have the choice to power the heater unit through a POE powered cat5e cable. You can either: A: Run cat5e + POE to just the camera, then run a separate electrical supply to the heater. Or, B: Run cat5e + Hi-Powered POE to the housing unit, this powers both the camera + heater unit. C: Not use the heater, but that is not advised (condensation).

Standard heater page | POE heater page | Contact us page | Accessories page for POE injectors + Pole Mounts + much more.

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Housing Unit Selection

DC12V/AC24V, Mains 230V, HI-POE

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