PoE+ Housing Unit Needs Just Cat5e & PoE to Power the Heater & Demister
3g IP Time Lapse camera system image ofimage of the HD ip time lapse camera system for construction sitesimage of the 3g 720p hd IP Time Lapse Camera housing for a poleimage of a pre built HD ip network time lapse camera

3g 720p hd IP Time Lapse Camera + Remote Viewing + NO Landline or Network Point Required

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The 3g 720p HD IP Time Lapse Camera is designed for construction sites where no Ethernet connection is available. This system allows you to quickly deploy an Internet connection. This gives you the ability to view the construction site from a remote location. The 3g 720p HD IP Time Lapse Camera uses an IP address. This is typed into any web-browser/page on any Internet enabled machine. You can then monitor through the HD camera. The 720PHD option is the most cost effective solution we sell. The maximum resolution for a Time Lapse movie is 1920 x 1080 (full HD). This solution offers 1280×960. This system is perfect for anyone not showcasing the HD Time Lapse movie on a large scale. For example, if it was only being viewed on small screen. Below you can select your choice of housing unit. 

SKU: 3g720pTL.

Product Description

3g 720p hd IP Time Lapse Camera

This 3G HD Time Lapse solution is designed for construction sites where no fixed landline or Ethernet connection is available. To view an IP camera remotely you need the Internet (IP/Internet Protocol). The 3G High Speed router included in the package creates the network point. The 3G router needs power, plug a POE injector into a LAN port of the router. Then connect a cat5e cable from the POE injector to the 720p HD IP Time Lapse camera. Please note: The tried and tested high speed 3G router is an accessory. You need to mount/install this where desired. We provide pole mount boxes as an option. Also: A 3G Time Lapse solutions needs a Fixed SIM package. This is not the same as a one you will use in your phone.

If 720P is enough, this is your Solution

Most HD IP Time Lapse applications require the best video quality a camera can offer. However, there are occasions when your application may only need a 720p hd IP Time Lapse Camera. For example, you may only be viewing the movie on small screen or uploading a video to you tube. For our high resolution solutions, please see the 1080p HD IP Time Lapse Camera and the 5MP HD IP Time Lapse camera.

Periodically Set Snapshots

All our HD IP Time Lapse solutions are FTP enabled. FTP is the delivery mechanism that allows your camera to send multiple HD image to a remote location. That location could be a PC or Cloud based storage solution. You set the 3G 720p HD IP Time Lapse Camera to periodically take a snapshot of the construction site.

Features of the 3g 720p hd IP Time Lapse Camera

  • Cost effective yet high quality – Systems built around Sony, JVC + Panasonic
  • Pre-hardware built for fast set up
  • 3g-ready for construction sites with no Ethernet connection
  • 3g Router is included as an add on which requires its own installation
  • 720P HD IP Time Lapse Creation
  • Max resolution – Full 720pHD @1280 x 960
  • Sends HD Images to a remote server
  • Easy to use/navigate on-line software
  • Wide Dynamic Range enhances video/image contrast to improve detail and object visibility
  • POE ready
  • Software set day/night for enhanced light sensitivity
  • IP addressed onto the network – Log in and view through its IP address
  • Multiple users with their own log in credentials
  • Remotely monitor from any internet enabled machine
  • Smartphone viewing
  • HD Lens
  • Housing: ROHS + CE Certified
  • Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Alloy Construction with Powder Coated Finish
  • Fully Cable Managed Bracket + Sealed Cable Entry Glands + Removable Top Cover for Easy Access
  • Choice of housing units/select at top – Including HI-POE – POE>Camera+Heater
  • You will require a Hi-Powered POE Injector if you are opting for the POE Housing unit (see add-ons)


OPTIONS. Please select your housing option. The camera housing unit has an integrated heater and blower. The more traditional method is to power this with electrical cable. For a faster install we can pre-build the solution into an All POE housing unit. Hi-POE to the housing unit. The unit then powers the camera + heater.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE: Standard heater page | POE heater page | Contact us page | Accessories page for POE injectors + Pole Mounts + much more

Additional Information

Housing Unit Selection

DC12V/AC24V, Mains 230V, HI-POE