3G & 4G Routers to create a Network Point
Powers the Camera
Power for 3g & 4g
PoE+ Housing – 1 x Cat5e Powers the Camera, Heater and Demister !
Camera connects on Cat5e & PoE – Housing Heater Unit Still needs Powering – Upgrade to the PoE+ Housing Unit, the Cat5e cable now powers everything
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3G Outdoor Time Lapse Camera, Remote Construction Site Monitoring – Select Housing Units Power

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HD Time Lapse Camera. Periodically takes and sends 1080p HD Images to a remote server. Monitor the Job Site remotely. This solution includes a 21MBS 3G Router & PoE Injector. Pole Mount Adapters, SIM Cards & LAN Extenders are not included, please add.

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Product Description

The 1080P Outdoor Time Lapse Camera is bundled with a High Speed 3G Router & PoE Injector. This kit includes all you need to create an Ethernet port at construction sites, where no fixed land line (Internet) is available.

The Pre Built System allows you to Capture HD JPEG Images. The Camera then sends them to your remote server. This could be as simple as a file path on your Pc. You can create multiple users, with their own log in credentials with the ability to view the construction site from any Internet (IP) enabled machine.

  • Pre Hardware-Built & Tested for fast set up
  • Create an Ethernet Port where no local switch or router is available
  • Periodically Captures & Sends 1080p HD Images
  • Powerful Solution with remote viewing
  • Multiple users with their own log in credentials
  • IP addressed onto the network – Log in and view through its IP address
  • Remotely monitor from any internet enabled machine
  • Auto back focus, 1 x Click from the software to focus
  • P-iris control actively ensures objects are in focus for clear footage
  • HD Time Lapse Lens: Varifocal 3–10.5 mm: 95°-34°
  • Max resolution – Full 1080pHD @1920 x 1080
  • Needs just POE and Cat5e
  • 1080P HD IP Time Lapse Creation
  • 3g Router: Remote/local Web management
  • 3g Router: Receive SMS alert on Phone Package balance

In the Box
1 x HD 1080p Time Lapse Camera, pre-built into an IP67 Housing Unit
1 x High Speed 3G Router Deployed in 100’s of Time Lapse Projects
1 x PoE Injector

Installation: The Camera is pre assembled into the housing unit. The housing unit features a cable managed surface arm bracket, this would be screwed to a wall. Alternatively, you could buy a Pole Mount Adapter. Run a Cat5e Ethernet cable up to 100Mtrs (or beyond, with a LAN extender) to the PoE Injector. Daisy Chain the PoE Injector to the 3G Router.

Experience: As with all IP & Network based installation, a basic knowledge of IT/IP/FTP/Networks will bean advantage. An electrician would be required to help with running a local mains power supply, to the system accessories.

Power Considerations: This is not a Solar Powered solution, so your devices will need powering. The camera is PoE (Power Over Ethernet), the included PoE Injector takes care of that. However, your 3G Router, PoE Injector and the Heating Unit within the housing, will all need powering.

Hi Powered PoE Housing Solution:  We sell a solution where 1 x Cat5e Cable from a plugged in Hi Powered PoE Injector, would power the camera and housing unit (heater & demister). See this page here on Power Diagrams. 

Accessory Mounting Considerations: If you are mounting the Camera/Housing to a pole, buy the Pole Mount Adapter. You still need to House your PoE Injector and 3G Router on site somewhere. This does not have to be directly next to the camera. Similar if you was installing a camera outside your house, you would run an Ethernet cable inside to your BT/SKY Router.

Typically, the construction site would have a cabin to use. Alternatively we provide an external Pole/Wall Mount box to house your networking accessories in (see product images).

Your 3G Router Will need a Special Network Camera SIM, ask us for details (typically £20 month)

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Additional Information

Housing Unit

12/24V, 240V, PoE+