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3g POE HD IP Camerapicture of the hd ip camera on 3g network

3g POE HD IP Camera – ALL POE – Pre Built and Housed – SONY 720p

£569.00£618.89 ex VAT

All POE solution. SONY HD (720P) IP Video Camera pre assembled and DOA tested (Dead On Arrival). Installed in a high powered housing unit. NO separate electrical cabling is required for the units heater and blower. One cat5e cable powers the IP camera and housing Unit. 3G-ready and ships with a high speed 3g router. This solution is tried and tested and been installed in 100’s of remote site IP security applications. Perfect for sites where no fixed land line or internet connection is available.

SKU: sony-720p-APOE.

Product Description

3g POE HD IP Camera for IP Security

This is the ALL POE solution. With other solutions you need to find a separate electrical power source for the housing units heater and blower. With All POE, you can send power to the camera>heater and blower.

The IP video camera is 3G ready and ships with a high speed 3g router. This requires connecting on-site. The 3g POE HD IP Camera is Power Over Ethernet enabled. Rapidly installed in applications where no fixed land line or Ethernet network point is available. Its perfect for remote site locations and construction site projects and new builds.

The biggest most single benefit of an IP camera (actually we could list lots). However, the main benefit to a 3g POE HD IP Camera or any IP video camera is that you can view it over the Internet. It’s an IP (Internet Protocol) device that uses the network for its connection. The internet is the architecture and protocol it uses to operate.

Key Features of the 3g POE HD IP Camera

  • Pre hardware assembled
  • IP Camera>DOA Test>Lens Fitted
  • IP Camera>Fitted within Housing>Housing unit & Bracket assembled
  • Hi POE solution
  • Only 1 cat5e Ethernet cable required
  • POE to the IP Camera>Housing>Heater>Blower
  • Motion alerts + Intelligent video analytics
  • Remote viewing
  • Smart Phone + Tablet viewing
  • View-DR wide dynamic range optimises images
  • Visibility enhancer adapts brightness and colour
  • ONVIF compatible
  • INCLUDED Video Management Software
  • D/N – Electronic Day and Night for night time monitoring
  • LENS – Horizontal viewing angle 92.5° to 35.7°, vertical viewing angle 72.7°
  • ZOOM – Optical zoom 2.7, digital zoom 4x
  • MAX RESOLUTION – 720pHD @1280 x 1024

You can buy IP solutions that have the 3g built in. This is quite a specialist 3g POE HD IP Camera system and will probably cost £1000’s. What we do is supply you with all the correct materials you need. We pre build the 3g HD IP Video Camera into an IP67 housing unit. We attach the lens and mount the camera at the perfect position within the housing unit. We carry out a DOA test on the HD IP camera. DOA stands for Dead ON Arrival. This ensures there are no nasty surprises on site. We attach the cable managed wall arm bracket to the main unit. This arrives on site and you only need to attach it to a wall or pole.

3g High Speed Router

The 3g router we supply is high speed and has been used in 100’s of 3G IP video applications across the UK. We also use this same router for all our 3g time lapse solutions. The 3g POE HD IP Camera is one part, the 3g router is the 2nd and finally you would need a High Powered POE injector. This is how it goes together: Don’t forget you need to mains powers the 3g router. This is not a solar powered solution. Then plug a High powered POE injector into the 3g Router (as the router does not offer POE out). Run a cat5e cable into the housing unit. This single cable will power the camera, heater and blower.

Included: 1 x Sony 720 IP Video camera | 1 x Housing Unit (all pre built) | 1 x 3g router

Useful info: For the 1080p version see here. | For the accessories + mounting page see here.| ALL POE Housing Page.

Please note: A standard SIM card and package will not work with a IP video camera. You need a particular package, contact us for info.


Additional Information

Pre Terminated External Cat5e

NO thanks, just the camera, 10Mtr, 30Mtr, 50Mtr, 80Mtr