5MP, HD, 4G LTE, Construction Site IP Cloud Time Lapse Camera

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5MP HD, 4G IP Time Lapsing Camera System. Self install at construction sites, remote monitor and manage. Small on-going cost of just £45 per month. Includes a loaded M2M SIM card, 7000+ images per month. Log in and transfer from the cloud. Remote Viewing Portal & System Health Checker available as an upgrade.


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Product Description

5MP (Mega-Pixel) 4G LTE Self Install Remote Project Monitoring & Timelapse Camera System. Collects and stores 5MP images for final time lapse film creation. Various features for online progression monitoring.

This is our older website, information is still relevant but please contact us for our new partner site and we can discuss remote view options, partner/project pricing and the optional SiteWatch portal.


  1. Get a 4G Fixed SIM through us and its delivered to our Workshop from Vodafone
  2. We Pre build and Pre configure
  3. You receive the system and nothing needs to be done
  4. You install the Enclosure on-site
  5. You run the supplied Ethernet Cable to the Camera
  6. You Mount the Camera to a Pole with the included Pole Adapter
  7. Use the Set Up image Grab URL to check the field of view
  8. We can remote in and help with any required changes
If you have more in your budget, we do offer a 4K Ultra HD System.

Key Features:

  • Powerful HD
  • 2944 × 1656 pixels
  • 5 Megapixel
  • Outdoor Ready for harsh environments
  • Lens: Vari-Focal Lens – 2.8 to 12 mm focal length
  • Lens Features: Remote Focus & Automatic day/night
  • Pre Hardware-Built & Tested for fast set up
  • Remotely monitor from any internet enabled machine


Our Included Pre-build service removes the need to find a technical engineer on site.


Fixed SIM Card: The SIM Card you have in your Mobile Phone, will not work for a Machine to Machine, 4G Network Camera application. You need a special Machine to Machine Fixed IP SIM Card with a Static IP address. Burgess Tech supplys SIM contracts. Available From 3 Mobile, O2, Vodafone, EE,  Example Costs:

  • FIVE GIG 4G Vodafone, 12 month contract  – £45.00 per month rental

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solar 3g and 4g time lapse