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4K UHD, 4096 × 2160 – Time Lapse Camera, Remote Viewing, EDGE & 50MTR IR

£799.00£999.00 ex VAT

4K Ultra HD IP Time Lapsing Camera. Outdoor Ready and self housed in an IP67 enclosure. On-board recording up to 128GB ( card NOT included). IR range of up to 50m in darkness. Defog technology improves quality within scenes which filters dust, fog and smoke from images to improve visibility. The use of 3D noise reduction technology provides enhanced low light image. Digital WDR offers balanced image capture in challenging lighting conditions.


Product Description

On-board SD card option with 50 MTR IR. 4K Ultra HD Time Lapse Camera for building site projects. Stand alone system with the option to use a 3G Router, this is used for transmitting images and remote viewing. The Outdoor Time Lapse Camera captures crystal clear 8.3MP Time Lapse Images. Nearly 4 x as much detail of a standard 1080P camera, offering a large resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels.

Advantages over our other 4K Camera

  1. On-board recording up to 128GB ( card NOT included)
  2. IR range of up to 50m in darkness
  3. Defog technology improves quality within scenes which filters dust, fog and smoke from images to improve visibility
  4. Higher Ingress Rating, IP67

Remote Viewing 

Using an available network or a Wireless 3G or 4G architecture, you can remotely view the building site in Live 4K Video. You can log in and view from any Internet enabled machine with a web-browser (Internet Explorer, Fire-Fox, Chrome etc).

4K UHD Image Collecting 

The Camera will capture 4K Ultra High Definition Images over a set schedule. The most common is every 20 minutes. Working with us we discuss these requirements before your own specific system is built. We are flexible to the needs of your own Time Lapse application.

Also featuring: Wide dynamic range-dynamic contrast, manual shutter time, compression, colour, brightness, sharpness, white balance, exposure control, exposure zones, backlight compensation.

Self Adapting to Lighting Variations

The 4K Ultra HD Time Lapse camera automatically adjusts and responds to lighting conditions. Your construction site image will always be perfect. The camera features powerful Zipstream compression, Wide Dynamic Range and Forensic Capture through a P-iris controlled varifocal lens.

The lens offers a Wide-Angle horizontal view of between 96° and 32°. The iris opening is automatically adjusted to respond to changing light levels on the job-site, resulting in sharp and clear remote viewing. 4K UHD Image Capture in challenging lighting is improved further by 3D noise reduction, digital wide dynamic range & defog.

  • This camera features on-board recording up to 128GB

With an embedded infrared-cut filter, the Time Lapse camera features Automatic day/night switching. This enables 24 hour remote construction site monitoring.

Take time on picking the right mounting position for the camera. Due to the Wide Angle Lens of 96 degrees. We can not fit a 4K Camera in our standard housing. This is still Outdoor Ready, but cant facilitate a large hood cover. Installer partners have used Rain-X. That combined with the heat of the Camera, helps keep rain off the front glass.

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Image Capture – 4096 × 2160 pixels
  • Up to 8 megapixel resolution video footage
  • Time Lapse Lens: Varifocal, P-iris control, 96° – 32.6° view
  • Varifocal lens with automatic fast-focus technology allows ease of installation
  • Fast Focus, makes this camera convenient for fast and accurate set up.
  • Live Streaming – Be careful, this uses your data allowance
  • 24-hour ‘true’ image capture using infrared-cut filter which automatically switches between capture modes
  • Smart IR prevents over-exposure at close distance
  • The use of 3D noise reduction technology provides enhanced low light images
  • Digital WDR offers balanced image capture in challenging lighting conditions
  • Defog technology aids clearer visibility in smoky, foggy, hazy and dusty conditions
  • This camera is a robust option for outdoor use with a weather resistant design and IP-67 rated
  • Low-cost to install using PoE
  • Outdoor Ready: IP66-and NEMA 4X-rated casing
  • Time Lapse Lens: Varifocal, P-iris control, 96° – 32.6° view
  • Lens Features: Remote focus and zoom, IR corrected, Autofocus, Automatic day/night
  • Pre Hardware-Built & Tested for fast set up
  • 4G & 3G as a system add on – for remote sites with NO network connection
  • IP addressed onto the network – Log in and view through its IP address
  • Remotely monitor from any internet enabled machine
  • Multiple users with their own log in credentials
  • As with all IP & Network based installation, a knowledge of IT/IP/FTP/Networks will be required

Important Info:

Power Options: The Camera uses PoE Power Over Ethernet. 1 x Cat5e Cable Powers and Connects the camera.

Fixed SIM Card: The SIM Card you have in your Mobile Phone, will not work for a Machine to Machine, 3G Network Camera application. You need a Fixed IP SIM Card, available from 02, EE, Three & Vodafone. We have a partner we can put you in contact with. Available From 3 Mobile, O2, Vodafone, EE,  Example Costs:

  • 1 GB  – £12.00 per month rental
  • 2 GB  – £19.00 per month rental
  • 5 GB  – £29.00 per month rental
  • 8 GB  – £35.00 per month rental

** The above are subject to a 12 or 24 month project. For shorter projects, we can supply a pay as you go Static SIM card. This is a little more money than the above though. 

IT & Network Skills: Nothing is too demanding, but being a Network based solution, you do need a little know how on IT and Networks. Full details on this page here. Turnkey Pre Programme Service is available. We Pre-Programme for you.

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Installation Accessories

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