3g 1080p HD IP Time Lapse Camera System with on-board recording

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On-board recording solution. This particular HD IP Time Lapse solution is designed for people who don’t want to send images to a remote server. A remote server could be as simple as a PC. The time lapse camera 3g ready version, ships with a high speed 3g router. Tested and deployed in 100’s of time lapse and construction site projects.

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Product Description

Outdoor Time Lapse Camera 3g Ready

Designed for construction sites and new build projects, where no landline or internet connection is available. The time lapse camera 3g ready version comes complete with a high speed 3g router. The time lapse camera 3g solution is a tried and tested for construction site and HD ip time lapse applications. State of the art IP video features include: Tamper alarms, emails will be sent if anyone tries to tamper with the time lapse camera 3g ready device. A remote and digital PTZ functionality (Pan Tilt and Zoom). The device also features an IR cut filter for 24/7 operation.

With the use of the supplied 3g router you can quickly deploy an internet connection where no fixed land line or internet connection is available. This is especially useful on construction sites, as many don’t have an available physical infrastructure and Local Area Network to utilise. The time lapse camera 3g ready solution is made for HD Time Lapse movie creation and also round the clock security and monitoring. To check up on your project, you now don’t have to leave the comfort if your own home.

Time lapse camera 3g ready key features

  • High End 1080p IP Video Camera for Time Lapse
  • EDGE – On board recording version
  • Pre assembled for rapid deployment
  • Remote viewing for multiple users
  • 24/7 operation with Day and Night IR cut filter
  • POE enabled
  • 3g ready with high speed 3g router

The time lapse camera 3g and HD ready solution is POE enabled. You need a cat5e Ethernet cable for connectivity. You can send power to the HD time lapse camera through the same cable that is used for connectivity. The housing unit the camera is pre assembled into does have a heater. This is optional to use. However, we recommend you use the heater to protect your camera and fields of view from condensation.

This device is the EDGE version of the 3g HD ip time lapse cameras we build and supply. This is used for time lapse and monitoring applications where you don’t want to use a remote server to send your HD time lapse images to. The camera uses FTP for time lapse, a built in FTP client will periodically send your time lapse images to a server. With the EDGE solution, you set the camera to send images to the SD card within the camera.